Apple Blocks Third-party Lightning Cables with iOS 7

In a possible attempt to reduce the accidents related to counterfeit chargers, Apple is blocking the use of non-certified third-party lightning cables with the latest iOS 7. The certified cables contain a chip that authenticates the cable allowing it to be used with the iDevice. It is reported that some unauthorized cables with cracked chips are working, but it seems Apple will put an end to this in the future updates.

Apple Charger Takeback Program

It seems there is a workaround to use unauthorized cables. However, it requires users to complete a number of steps, and is long enough to get those counterfeit cables working. The steps are mentioned below:

–          Turn on USB power

–          Plug in lightning cable to iPhone

–          Dismiss any warnings

–          Unlock your iPhone.

–          Dismiss any remaining warnings.

–          Now with the screen turned on.

–          Unplug the knock off lightning cable.

–          Plug it back in.

–          Dismiss warning again

–          It should now charge.

It seems as majority of users will simply buy a new authorized charger rather than repeating the above-mentioned steps every time they want to charge their device.

ios 7 lightning cable

In the past, a number of accidents occurred due to fake iPhone chargers. A flight attendant died in China when she tried to answer a call on her iPhone while it was charging. Another man ended up in a coma after getting electrocuted by a counterfeit charger.

Source: 9to5Mac

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