WhatsApp Now Have 400 Million Active Users

Mobile messaging apps are becoming more and more popular, one of the most popular is WhatsApp, and the company has now announced its latest usage figures.

WhatsApp has announced that they now have 400 million active users, and the company’s CEO has talked about some messaging apps publishing their user numbers rather then their active user numbers.


“We want to steer the conversation to be about active users, not registered users,” said WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum. “We’re a bit fed up and frustrated about people talking about registered users. We think it’s important for us as a leader in the space to speak up and be ethical.”

The company also revealed that its users send around 16 billion messages every day, and there are around 32 billion messages received by their users every day.

A number of competitors to WhatsApp have emerged over the last few months, although from the looks of the recent statistics it is still the most popular mobile messaging app.

Source All Things D, TechMeme

Image Credit Business Insider