Vine Launches Full Screen Mode And Ability to View Profiles On The Web

Vine is an extremely popular service that give users the ability to create short six-second videos and share them online with their friends. It’s basically a video sharing social network, which attracted a decent amount of people all over the world.

Recently, the folks behind Vine released a web-based version of the service that allows users to browse Vine profiles online and browse the videos they have created since joining, as well as their home feed. You can like, comment and share videos similar to the way you do while using the mobile applications.


Today, we’re introducing a new way to experience Vine: on the web. Log in at to view your home feed and like, comment, and share videos just as you do on our mobile apps. You can also visit your favorite users’ Vine profiles to browse the videos they’ve created since joining Vine. Plus, now you can share your profile with others so they can see your posts.

Additionally, the service also introduced a TV Mode, which lets users view videos in full-screen mode in their browser. All you need to do is click on the TV Mode icon in the top right corner of the screen on you feed or any profile to view the collection of videos in sequence and in full screen mode.

Source: Vine

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