Space Invader Chair

The original space invaders game brings back some great memories of early gaming for me, and this unique Space Invader chair would be a great addition to any gadget and gamers pad.

The Space Invaders retro gaming chair has been created by Dorothy for their Space Invader Collection and is made from compact foam and measures around H70 x W110 x D100cm and is available in a selection of colours.

Space Invader Chair

Unfortunately the Space Invaders Chair is just a prototype at the moment and no plans to make production models have been released as yet. But we can always live in hoe that one day the chair will make that all important jump from concept to production.

Source :DVICE : Dorothy

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  • Garratt Campton

    I gave this rating 1, why? because it’s a complete rip of this:
    No offence, really awesome idea, but already done. And your using the exact same character. Using a different avatar if your going to copy this might be an idea.

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Garratt

    Thanks for your comment, although it is not our design, we just featured it on the site, we also featured the one you mentioned on the site before as well.