Scosche Announces New Lightning Accessories For iPad Mini And iPhone 5

Scosche has announced a new range of Lightning accessories for Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, the accessories come with a lightning compatible connector and they are available in both 5w and 12w models.

The lightning accessories include the strikeBase which is a wall charger with a three foot long cable and folding wall prongs, this charger will retail for $29.99 for the 5w model and $34.99 for the 12w model.


The strikeDrive is designed to be used in your car and this model also comes in 5w and 12w versions, the 5w model will retail for $24.99 and the 12w model for $29.99.

The last accessory is called the strikeLINE Pro, which is basically a retractable charging cable for your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini, you can find out more details about all devices over at Scosche.

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