Samsung Hires Judge That Forced Apple To Make Public Apology To Samsung

Apple were ordered to make a public apology to Samsung last year on their website by a UK court last year, once the apology was published a UK judge basically said it wasn’t sufficient.

The Judge who dealt with the case was Sir Robin Jacob, who has now retired, but it would now appear that he has another position, according to a recent report by Foss Patents, the Judge is now working for Samsung.


Sir Robin Jacob is now apparently working as a consultant for Samsung, and is apparently advising Samsung in a complaint with the ITC against the company by Ericsson.

Of course Samsung and Sir Robin Jacob are not actually breaking the law, as there is nothing to stop him working for Samsung as he is no longer a judge, although we wonder what Apple’s take on this will be considering he previously ruled in Samsung’s favor and is now working for them.

Update 1st March 2013

We have received the following statement from a Samsung representative.

“Sir Robin Jacob is not a legal representative of Samsung Electronics. A highly reputed intellectual property expert and academic, Sir Robin has been contracted as an expert by a law firm that represents Samsung Electronics in its case against Ericsson.”

Source TechMeme

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