Samsung Galaxy S4 To Feature ‘Eye Scroll’ And ‘Eye Pause’ Technology (Rumor)

We have been hearing a lot of information about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 over the last few days, earlier today we heard that the Galaxy S4 would feature new display technology and now we have some details on a couple of new features that may be headed to Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

Samsung has filed for two new trademarks in Europe, both trademarks are for application software for smartphones, tablets and computers, they are called Eye Scroll and Eye Pause.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung filed the trademark requests with the European Union just a few days ago on the 21st of January, and whilst there are no details with the filings on what these two new trademarks will actually do, their names give us a possible idea on what they will be used for.

If the Samsung Galaxy S4 does comes with these new features, then we suspect that it will use some sort of eye tracking technology , for example with Eye Pause, if you are watching a video, and your eyes move away from the display to look at something else the feature could possibly pause the video you were watching.

With regards to the Eye Scroll feature, this could be used when you are browsing a web page on your device, as your eyes scroll down the screen display, then the tracking technology could take you to the next part of the web page.

Of course these two functions have yet to be announced by Samsung, and there were no details with the patent filings, so these are just a guess at what these trademarks may cover.

Source SG4.en

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