RC Superhero Is Pure Geeky Fun

Thanks to the geeks at RCsuperhero.com every Tom, Dick, and Homer can build a superhero mock up that flies like an RC plane. It’s heaps of pure joy and could very well inspire a few kids to become superheroes themselves. It’s relatively cheap too, costing a bit more if you purchase an entire kit.

RC Superhero

Here’s what it says on the product page:

Specifications: The full scale RcSuperhero is 75 inches tall, weighs approximately 3 pounds, and has an “arm span” or wingspan of 45 inches.

Flight characteristics: Great! This is due to the low weight to surface area and that it has a high wing like a Piper cub with a low center of gravity. In addition, he has plenty of vertical tail surfaces due to the double side bodies; which adds to the stability. Also, the RcSuperhero has oversized control surfaces and likes to fly upright. He takes off by being thrown or by standing upright in a stand and lands on his belly skids.

Thrust: The RcSuperhero has about 6 pounds of thrust; this allows for vertical take off.

RcSuperhero Package Includes: laser-cut foam, substructure materials, control horns, a plywood motor mount, 2 sizes of rubber bands, carbon fiber fabric strands, two 4mm square arm spars and other various carbon fiber sizes, a picassa photo build album with captions, materials list, and e-support materials (directions and tech. information).

Degree of Building Difficulty: Best if you have previous modeling experience.

Pilot’s skill requirement: Although the RcSuperhero is not a trainer any average rc pilot can fly this. If you are inexperienced I recommend that you practice ahead of time on a simulator.

When it comes to individual superhero mock ups however, expect to spend less than $10 bucks each. What a bargain!

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    This is awesome!