Raspberry Pi DIY Desktop Arcade Cabinet Kit Now Available For $160

Raspberry Pi

If you are looking for a project to keep you busy this weekend and enjoy playing retro arcade games, you might be interested in this Raspberry Pi powered mini arcade cabinet kit which is now available to purchase for $160.

The Raspberry Pi desktop arcade cabinet kit contains everything you need to build your own mini arcade cabinet and comes supplied with a Raspberry Pi model B board and PiTFT Mini Kit 320 x 240 2.8″ TFT Touchscreen.

Raspberry Pi

“Miss the days of hours long marathons of Tetris, Pac-Man, or Space Invaders? Nostalgic for feeding your hard-earned quarters into arcade games as your friends gathered around to watch you try for a new record? We bet you 50 cents you do.

Relive those golden days by creating the most adorable MAME cabinet in the known universe: the Cupcade. Brought to us by those geniuses at Adafruit, the Cupcade is a Raspberry Pi-powered micro arcade cabinet kit, perfect for bringing gaming to the top shelf of your locker, the tiniest of dorm rooms, or your desk at work.”

The new Raspberry Pi Mini Arcade Cabinet kit is now available to purchase over from the Think Geek website and takes roughly 4-6 hours to construct. For more information on the new Raspberry Pi kit jump over to the Think Geek website for details and a full list of all the components included in it.

Raspberry Pi

Source: Gizmodo

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