PlayStation 4 Coming To Japan & America In Late 2013, Europe in 2014

The first details about Sony’s upcoming console came to light today via EDGE, including some tidbits that haven’t even been hinted at before now. Release windows are given for the PlayStation 4, which will be hitting both the US and Japan by end of year 2013. Europe will only see the console in 2014, “complexities involved in European distribution” cited as responsible for the delay.

The venerable DualShock controller design is reportedly getting an update in the form of a touchscreen planted in the middle, where the Start and Select buttons currently reside.  The touchscreen is closely related to the PS Vita’s rear touch panel and the PS4 controller is said to feel and behave much the same. Another  new feature of the controller is the “Share” button which can take videos and screenshots of the on-screen action, 15 minutes of which is continuously being recorded in the background by the PS4 at zero processing cost.

Source EDGE

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