Project Spark Open Beta Arrives On Xbox One (video)

Microsoft Xbox One owners patiently waiting for the release of the highly anticipated Project Spark open beta, will be pleased to know that after a slight delay it is now available to download and play on the new next-generation Xbox One console.

The Project Spark Beta Program enables Xbox One owners to join the community of game designers that are already in the process of creating and sharing new worlds via the Xbox 360 console and PC version of Project Spark.


Microsoft’s Project Spark app has been created to provide users with a digital canvas that to create games, movies and other experiences. Offering both user-generated content, to build content or the ability to create your own custom content if preferred.

Project Spark content is created using the Xbox controller, keyboard and mouse, touch-devices, Kinect and SmartGlass, as well as Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. Microsoft explains a little more about Project Spark.

“The Xbox One version of Project Spark adds Performance Capture support with Kinect. Record your own animations and voice Make your custom moves, record voice over and customize your creations before you share them with the community across Xbox One and Windows 8. 

The Xbox One version also allows players to play their creations on their big screen at home. You can easily save your creation to the cloud and seamlessly play or create on either Windows 8 or Xbox One. Additionally, Project Spark automatically translates standard controls from Windows 8 mouse and keyboard to Xbox One controller and vice versa.”

Source: Major Nelson

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