Printoo Paper-Thin Flexible Arduino Modules (video)

Those of you that enjoy building Arduino projects might be interested in a new flexible paper thin Arduino-based platform called Printoo, which has this month launched its crowd funding campaign over on Kickstarter.

Printoo is an Arduino-based platform of low-power boards and modules providing makers with new levels of creative flexibility.Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this innovative solution from its creators Ynvisible who are based in Portugal.

Printoo Kickstarter

“Printoo┬áis a platform of paper-thin circuit boards and modules. It gives makers an open-source, lightweight, flexible, and modular Arduino-compatible platform to create just about anything you want! What makes Printoo amazingly unique is that it comes with a range of printed electronics modules previously unavailable to the public. These are electronics building “blocks” of the future, only not so rigid.

Printoo Kickstarter

Printoo is the first development board that is flexible and light enough to bring any of your 3D printed objects to life – no matter what shape it is! Add internet and Bluetooth connectivity, input, output, motorization, light and motion sensing, and power… Even SOLAR, to almost any configuration or weird shape you print!”

Printoo Kickstarter

The Printoo project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production.

So if you think Printoo is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help Printoo become a reality.

Source: Kickstarter

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