Powerful Invictus Flashlight Can Blind Vampires

At 800 lumens, it sure is bright. So bright, you an fry vampires with it. Okay, so we made up that part. But 800 lumens is no joke and the kind of battery power needed means a couple of fat Eveready’s won’t do the job. The SureFire Invictus is the long anticipated heavy duty monster with aluminum casing flashlight that’s been hyped since 2010. After the long wait, it’s finally available for law enforcement types, outdoor¬† enthusiasts, handymen, and people afraid of the dark in general.


Juiced by three 123A cells, the Invictus is a military-grade product meant to be abused in an extreme setting, preferably the wilderness or a secret military base in the dead of night.The catch is the vaunted 800 lumen illumination only last 1.7 hours, so for repeated use over a certain period it’s best to shine it at the much more conservative 2 lumen setting. That’s a huge disparity, but power comes at a price.


Okay, time for the painful revelation at the very end: A SureFire Invictus will set you back $695.





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