Opera Desktop Browser 12.10 Final Version Launches

Opera has now released the final version of its Opera 12.10 browser to the world, moving is out of the beta development stage it entered just over a month ago.

The new Opera 12.10 browser is packed with new features includes more powerful extension support, and “Live Tiles” which can be used to display Pinterest trends, Facebook photographs, weather and more.

Opera 12-10

Opera 12.10 also now supports Flexbox, a way to easily arrange page layouts, together with API for URL filtering, and three new APIs allowing developers to design and create more complex extensions for Opera end users.

“Opera 12.10 comes with support for some new Web standards, including the Fullscreen API and (partial support for) the Page Visibility API. Opera is also updating its WebSockets standard implementation and enabling it by default, in addition to adding support for the International Color Consortium profiles.”

The new Opera 12.10 desktop browser is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and comes with basic touch support when used with Microsoft’s new Windows 8.

Source: TNW : Opera

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