Novena Open Hardware Laptop Now Available To Purchase

If you have fancied building your very own laptop rather than purchasing one from the variety of manufacturers currently touting their wares. You might be interested in a new crowd funding campaign which has started for the Novena open hardware laptop.

The Novena open hardware laptop has been developed by Bunnie Huang and Sean Cross over the past few years and has been designed to allow those people that may not have the open hardware skills or facilities to build an open source laptop from scratch.

Novena Open Hardware Laptop

Specifications for the Novena open hardware laptop include a 1.2 GHz Freescale i.MX6 quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 240GB solid state disk (SSD), together with a 45Whr battery, WiFi connectivity, HDMI connection and Debian Linux for the operating system.

Novena Open Hardware Laptop Novena Open Hardware Laptop-2

Prices for the Novena open hardware laptop start from $500 which reserves you a Novena board, that you can use to build your very own laptop to your own style and specifications.

Other crowd funding pledge levels include an “All-In-One Desktop” for $1,195, that features a 13.3 inch, 920 x 1080 pixel IPS display, but no battery, mouse or keyboard.

At the top of the pledges is the “Heirloom Laptop” for $5000 which features a hand-crafted wood and aluminium case as pictured below.

Novena Open Hardware Laptop-1

For more information visit the Novena campaign at Crowd Supply and make a pledge to help the project become a reality.

Source: Wired : Liliputing

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