New iPad 3 A5x vs Tegra 3 (video)

Apple’s new iPad 3 tablet launched on Friday equipped with Apple’s new A5x processor which is fitted with quad-core graphics inside. Which during Apple’s new iPad unveiling was shown to provide four times the performance of the Tegra 3 chip. But Apple didn’t show any benchmark details to substantiate this claim.

A5x vs Tegra 3

However now the new iPad 3 is available to purchase, Laptop Magazine has taken a closer look at these claims comparing the A5x vs Tegra 3. In the video below you can see both the Tegra 3 vs A5x and although the tegra 3 chip allows for graphic elements not available on the iPad 3. The reviewers say that they prefer the colour depth of Apple’s new iPad 3. But these could be contributed by the new HD screen rather than the quad-core graphics.

However the Tegra 3 GPU beat the iPads GPU hands down according to the GLBenchmark 2.1 benchmark results carried out by Laptop Magazine.

“the quad-core Tegra 3 blew its competitor way as it achieved an overall score of 1,571 to the A5X’s 692. On the integer (1391 to 614), floating point (2408 to 825) and memory subtests (1076 to 784), the Tegra 3 dominated, but the A5X bested it by a small margin of 324 to 266 on the stream subtest.”

You can read the full A5x vs Tegra 3 comparison over on the Laptop Mag website complete will all results and graphs showing the winner of A5x vs Tegra 3.

Source: 9to5 Mac : Laptop Mag

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  • Luc

    ASUS is for gaming…

    Ipad is for fashioning…

  • Tone7888

    LOL, your statement is incorrect. The A5X GPU blew away the Tegra 3 GPU but the Tegra 3 quad core CPU out matched the A5X dual core CPU, which isn’t a surprise.