Netflix Price Increased By £1 In The UK For New Members


Netflix has announced that it is increasing the price of its monthly subscription plan in the UK and Europe for new members, the price will increase by £1 per month to £6.99.

The good news is that if you are an existing member of Netflix, than your price will not be increased for the next two years, and you will continue to pay £5.99.

The price of a Netflix subscription has also been increased in Europe by 1 Euro and it will now cost 8.99 Euros for new members in Europe, existing members will continue to pay 7.99 Euros a month.

Netflix are also expected to increase the price of the service in the US, although they have yet to announce by how much it will increase by for new customers, you can see a statement from the company below.


As we had announced, we are doing a slight price increase for new members of between $1-$2 a month, depending on the country. Existing members will keep current pricing for a generous period, generally two years. The new pricing will allow us to add even more great things to watch and to further improve the Netflix streaming experience.

The price change is happening today and we are informing members everywhere via email.

Netflix not increasing the price of the subscription plan for existing customers for the next two years is a smart move, personally I wouldn’t mind paying an extra £1 a month for the service, as it is still good value for money at the new price, although not having to pay the extra for the next two years is a bonus.

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