Spy Gadgets – The Necktie Spy Camera

Here is a fun spy gadget for all the James Bond fans, the Necktie Spy Camera.

The Necktie Spy Camera is the ideal accessory for your latest spy mission, you are bound to go undetected with this covert necktie, apart from the fact that everyone will realise you don’t normally wear one.

Nectkie Spy Camera

The Necktie Spy Camera features a tiny pinhole spy camera hidden in the pattern and it can record video at a 352 x 288 resolution at 12 frames per second.

Nectkie Spy Camera

The video is recorded in AVI format, and it comes with 2GB of built in memory, transferring files to your PC is easy as the nectie can be plugged directly into a USB port, and it even comes with a remote control so that you can start and stop recordings.

Nectkie Spy Camera

Nectkie Spy Camera

The Necktie Spy Camera is available for $66 from Brando.

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  • http://digitalcameras.techfresh.net Diyan

    I like this tie, if somebody use this tie in the office, he will be the spy of the boss.

  • MiniNetGadgets

    I wonder how long until something like that catches a cop or politician doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

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  • Phil E. Drifter

    “I wonder how long until something like that catches a cop or politician doing something they shouldn’t be doing.” people are already catching police doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Honestly, have you been living in a cave? Have you not heard of the multiple angles of footage covering BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) officers murdering Oscar Grant on the subway platform while he lay face down with his hands cuffed behind his back, shot through the chest and the bullet ricocheting off the platform to end in his heart? How about the NYPD officer who purposely charged into and knocked off his bike a cyclist who deliberately changed his course to avoid the officer? There’s youtube footage on both.

  • Hivemind

    @Phil E. Drifter

    I think he meant with this tie…

  • Daniel

    You really should’ve used more periods in the second last paragraph.

  • Jhen

    Chill out, “Phil.” Get off your damn high horse.

  • Tony J

    @ Daniel

    You really should get a life.

  • Nate

    Wow, $66? That’s really cheap for something like this.

  • D. Ouchebag


  • Name Required

    Don’t tell Phil to chill out. Police are going around killing people left and right. On top of that the military is doing the same on their own homeland. This is no f##king joke. Do you think text replies are more important than life and death?

  • atheistlibertariancriminalasshole

    as a crook, things like this scare the crap out of me.

  • Anon

    Simpsons did it

  • Anon2

    South Park did it too

  • faq

    Cartman would f$%k Bart up in a fight. Just sayin….

  • Jimmy Dean

    great idea, the shirt and the tie don’t really go together tho… And as an aside, phil the drifter and name dude, u guys are douches, why are you trying to pretend like you know what the hell you are talking about on a geeky gadgets page, pretend to be smarter elsewhere :)

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  • Nooner

    I am a cop and a reservist in the military… maybe you would like to talk about this in person. I’ll wear the tie!

  • Jason

    you guys take this too seriously. @Nooner – stfu nobody cares. @craig & mr no name, your opinions suck, boo freakin hoo.

    the rest of you who were just havin fun with your nice comments then great.

    have a nice day

  • Agree with Nooner

    Sounds like for a drifter, Phil watches too much TV. Agree that not all cops or all military are good people, but the vast majority are.

    Deal with the general public all day everyday and tell me how “nice” you are. I’m not a cop but I am a combat vet — so don’t try and tell me about killing people on the home front BS. Obviously have a distorted view of reality, Phil. Get a life — we provide it free of charge.

  • My name is a comment like everyone else, am I popular yet?


    no u

  • procrastinator


  • Joel

    All of our sales people at Newton use these.

  • Orock Yomama

    The time to talk about BART cops is past, the time to be a BART cop is NOW.

    I don’t think the tie is hip enough for me, but I could catch one of the girls teasing Bo, reminding him that he’s a Kennedy (ha, loser dog). I’ll have Holder check if we can get sound recording to go with the video.

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  • Adam

    I would definitely catch him spying with that tie- just look at that shirt!

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  • http://www.stumbleupon.com/toolbar/#url=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.geeky-gadgets.com%252Fnecktie-spy-camera%252F Don

    This web site has a large button at the top for their “privacy” policy. But they will sell you a product to record others without them knowing about it. It seems like a contradiction. Can I really trust them?

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Fatgadget

    Hi Don

    We don’t actually sell any products, we just write about them :)

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  • http://brazilbrat.blogspot.com/ James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    Does it capture audio, too? Without audio, it can all be suspect. Furthermore, it would not pass a metal detector, I’m sure. What about bug “sweeps”? Not to good for a real spy device, I’m sure. But if it does audio, it could get some interesting stuff in business meetings 😉

  • Vic

    I would love to wear this out to the strip club when my favorite dancer is doing her thing. :)