Natural Selection 2 Generates $1 Million In Sales During First Week (video)

If you were lucky enough to experience Natural Selection Half Life mod in its first incarnation, and couldn’t wait for the new Natural Selection 2 game to be released. You might be pleased to learn that the launch of Natural Selection 2 started spectacularly.

After Natural Selection 2 launched on October 31st it sold 144,000 copies in its first week, generating more than $1 million in revenue for the games eight strong team of indie developers based in San Fransico.

Natural Selection 2

The infographic supplied by Unknown Worlds below details where the sales originated from:

“Icelanders are the most NS2 obsessed, the US is the biggest market, Singaporeans are the most likely to buy the Deluxe edition, and Belgians the most likely to buy 4-packs for their friends. As of yesterday, 75,105 games of NS2 had been played by up to 7,135 concurrent players.”

Source: Eurogamer : Unknown Worlds

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