More OUYA Development Kits Now Available To Pre-order For $800

If you missed out on the first wave of development kits for the unique and popular open source gaming console the OUYA, that recently raised more than $8.5 million on Kickstarter. You will be pleased to know that OUYA is now taking pre-orders for more development kits priced at $800 each.

OUYS’s open source Android gaming console is still set to make the jump from concept to retail in March 2013, with the latest development kits expected to ship in January 2013.


If you were lucky enough to pledge on Kickstarter for a development kit you can expect to receive yours in December. OUYA explains on their website:

“Pre-order an OUYA Dev Kit for early delivery — January 2013. The kit includes an OUYA console, two controllers and our ODK. Test your games and apps on OUYA hardware before the March 2013 worldwide release!”

To recap the Ouya is a hackable, Android-based gaming console, which was priced at $99 on Kickstarter and can support up to four controllers and  has partnered with the likes of OnLive Gaming, XBMC, Square Enix and Vevo to name just a few.

Source: OUYA : Android Authority

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