Mophie Outride Transforms Your iPhone Into A Sports Action Camera

Mophie has unveiled a new addition to their accessories for Apple’s iPhone in the form of the Mophie Outride. Which has been created by Mophie to transform any iPhone 4 or 4S smartphone into an outdoor sports action camera, similar to those created by GoPro and others.

The new Mophie Outride has been built to protect your iPhone and will be arriving in the Mophie online store during mid-September for around $130.

Mophie Outride

The Outride is equipped with a modular quick-release mounting system, that makes it easy to attach to a variety of sports equipment and provides a bracket for creating the perfect recording angle, making sure you never miss any of the action. Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at Mophie explains:

“With the ever-growing action sports market, and our success in developing ruggedized products for those rough-and-tough tech users, we felt we were ready to design and develop a product that would take the iPhone and its camera capabilities to its limits,” – “While the action sports community has a lot of camera and video options to choose from, they weren’t able to share their moments with the community in real time. OUTRIDE gives the action sports community these capabilities in a durable, compact, quality and cost-efficient way.”

The Mophie Outride comes with its own companion application which is available to download from the iTunes App Store, and provides easy easy to share your recorded footage.

Source: Mophie : Engadget

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