Monster Daft Punk Edition TRON Headphones Unveiled

Monster and Disney have just launched a new pair of Tron Legacy themed headphones, the Monster Daft Punk Edition TRON Headphones.

The Monster Tron headphones feature a pair of extra large over ear drivers, with advanced noise isolation technology and of course some Tron Legacy themed styling.

Monster Daft Punk Edition TRON Headphones

Head Monster Noel Lee noted, “Monster is proud to have played our part in creating headphones that live up to the breakthrough musical experience offered by Daft Punk in TRON: LEGACY. These special-edition headphones not only reflect the design sensibilities of Daft Punk, they enhance both gaming and home cinema, with a ‘higher definition’ experience, and all the power and potential of the ultimate electronic music listening experience and the first headphones ever designed to be optimized for both stereo and fully immersive headphone surround-sound experience.”

The Monster Daft Punk Edition TRON Headphones are available from today for $349.95 from Amazon and other retailers in the US.

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