Lomo Instant Camera Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Lomo Instant Camera

The new Lomography Lomo Instant camera has been designed to be the world’s most creative instant camera system and includes a wealth of phone features created by Lomography.

Features of the new Lomo Instant camera include three shooting modes that can be used with or without flash, as well as unlimited multiple exposures that enable you to combine multiple shots on a single frame.

The Lomo Instant camera is also equipped with infinitely long exposures which are perfect for low light or night-time shooting to add to creativity to your photography. Lomography explains :

“Instant photography is an excellent hybrid of our human desire for immediacy and Lomography’s love for analogue photography. The process is fast, exciting and at the end, there is a beautiful moment captured in front of your eyes. And it doesn’t stop there – This creative moment is right there in your hand. Unlike one of the hundreds of photos you take on your phone, this instant is a real object. You can put it on your wall, share it with a friend or slip it in your pocket to always keep the precious memory with you.”

So, for this Kickstarter project, we set out to design the ultimate instant camera. A camera that combines our passion for instant analogue photography with our technical experience. A camera that is accessible for everyone, from long time instant photography lovers to first time Lomo Instant owners. Most importantly, we wanted to create a fun camera packed with awesome features and endless opportunities to experiment!”

The Lomography Lomo Instant camera is now available over on the Kickstarter website and is available to purchase for early birds priced at just $89.

Source: Kickstarter

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