Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition Launches For iOS Devices

Lantronix has this week launched a new version of its XPrintServer  in the form of an Office Edition which has been designed specifically for business users looking for a simple iOS printing solution.

The new Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition enables users to print directly from the native print menu of the device to network-connected printers without the need to download any applications, install software or purchase any further hardware.

Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition

The new Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition works with both USB and Ethernet printer connections and currently supports over 4,000 top brand printers. Mak Manesh, vice president of product management for Lantronix explains

“The reception of the xPrintServer in business environments has been overwhelmingly positive and has become a strong solution franchise for Lantronix. We are thrilled to build on the previous xPrintServer generation and offer more capabilities to make the xPrintServer – Office Edition even more valuable to our customers,”-“Apple has made tremendous in-roads for driving the adoption of iPads and most iOS devices into enterprise environments, and business-critical iOS accessories such as the xPrintServer – Office Edition will not only benefit from this market penetration, but should also serve to speed that adoption into enterprises.”

Features of the new Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition include enhanced printer-user management, including printer usage rights, security and control over printers and user groups, Proxy Server Support, global save and restore functionality, and the ability to now export print logs, remote authentication / Active Directory support and automatic printer discovery and provisioning.

The new Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition is now available to pre-order for $200 and will begin shipping on November the 21st 2012.

Source: Engadget

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