Kim Dotcom’s Mega Hits 3 Million Users

Kim Dotcom launched his new Mega file storage service back in January, Mega hit 1 million users in its first 24 hours and now Dotcom has announced that they now have more than three million users, and it took them just under one month.

Doctom’s previous website Megaupload was shut down by US authorities and his home was raided in January 2012, the raid on the entrepreneurs mansion looked like something out of a Hollywood movie.

Kim Dotcom

#Mega launched 1 month ago: 3M+ users, 125M+ files, encryption unbroken, most bugs fixed, mobile apps & sync client coming soon

Kim Dotcom is currently facing prosecution from the US government, and is fighting extradition to the US, it will be interesting to see what happens in the case betwen Doctom and the US government.]

Source Kim Dotcom / Twitter

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