iPhone5mod EX Hybrid Game Controller Launches For iPhone 5 (video)

iPhone5mod has today launched a new device called the EX Hybrid Game Controller which they have designed to provide Apple’s latest iPhone 5 smartphones with a few extras in the form of an ultrathin keyboard and game controller.

The EX Hybrid Game Controller consists of a case to fit your iPhone 5 that provides a magnetic attachment for a pair of interchangable 2mm thick panels, one offering game controls and the other a full QWERTY keyboard. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

EX Hybrid Game Controller

The keyboard and game controller panel communicate to the iPhone 5 using Bluetooth 3.0 and the  internal rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of use and 160 hours of standby.

“The Hybrid Controller is the next generation keyboard / joypad for your iPhone – and you just might find that this idea is untraditionally creative. Whether you’re a gamer, blogger or even an office user, we might have the perfect solution for taking your old tired keyboards to the next level.”

The EX Hybrid Game Controller is now available to purchase for $49.90 directly from the iPhone5mod website and is available in either black or white finishes.

Source: Mac Rumours

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