Handheld CNC Machine Combines Creativity And CAD (video)

With the advances in 3D prototyping technology now enabling you to have your very own 3D Printer in your house for around $500. Its not going to be long before we will be able to reproduce everything we need ourselves.

Following along the lines of a 3D Printer the FreeD is a hand-held, digitally controlled, milling device that is guided and monitored by a computer. While still preserving the craftsperson’s freedom to sculpt and carve. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Handheld CNC machine

The idea of the FreeD is to allow designers to engage with the physical material and not just with the CAD environment. As you use the FreeD device your computer will only intervene when the FreeD milling bit approaches the planned model.

Interacting with the model by either slowing down the spindle speed or by drawing back the shaft. Providing you with complete freedom, letting you manipulate and shape your work as you like.

Source: MAKE : Gizmodo

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