Google Rolls Out Web Speech API To Developers And Chrome Browser

Google has rolled out a new addition to its Chrome browser this week in the form of a new Web Speech API, allowing users to use speech when visiting supported websites using the Google Chrome browser.

The release of the new Web Speech API for developers enables them to integrate speech recognition into their web apps, allowing visitors to carry out a variety of tasks simply by using voice commands.

Chrome Web Speech API

“Using your voice to search on your computer or phone is handy, but there’s so much more you can do with voice commands. Imagine if you could dictate documents, have a freestyle rap battle, or control game characters with your browser using only your voice. With today’s Chrome Beta release, this future is closer than you think.” 

For more information on the new Web Speech API jump over to the Google website for details. Download Chrome Beta to give these latest enhancements a test drive.

Source: Google

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