Fan Made iPhone 5 Design Prototype Is Awesome

We have already seen some amazing iPhone 5 design concepts, but the guys over at and decided to take things a step further and actually created their own iPhone 5 prototype.

This cool iPhone 5 Prototype is based on CAD Designs, leaks, and hardware components, they created a 3D computer model and then they built a very details prototype of the iPhone 4 which looks like it could have come from Apple.

Fan Made iPhone 5 Design Prototype

You can find out more information on how this awesome iPhone prototype was made over at

Source Tech Crunch

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  • Bill C

    Definitely¬†looks like something sprint would like to have…

  • Rick Boza

    Looks cool, but way too thin to have LTE, right?

  • Mathew Vasquez

    LTE is shit. Stop buying into bullshit companies throw at you.

  • Thepeacheater

    Looks the same as iphone/2/3/3g/4s etc. Where’s the hype?????