dzdock One iPad Stand Designed by an 11-year-old

At 11, I was not interested in designing anything that didn’t have to do with a snack or a video game. I bet a lot of you were the same way. An 11-year-old kid named Dino Zaharak was challenged by his dad to build an iPad stand that was better than a design that pops hacked together and Dino took the challenge.

dzdock iPad Stand

The payoff for Dino other than a cool iPad stand that he could sell was a new mobile phone. The resulting product is called the dzdock and the thing is a universal stand that will work with the iPad and just about anything else. The stand can hold your iPad or other device without having to remove the charge and sync cable.

It will work with landscape or portrait mode devices and is sized to hold gadgets as large as an iPad down to the size of a smartphone. The one stand will work with most of your gadgets. The device is offered in black, white, silver, red, pink, lime, and blue for $29.99. If you use code DZPRNEWS you can get $10 off the thing for a total price of $19.99.