Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Coming December For $549

We reported earlier in the week that Dell may be about to start selling their Inspiron Duo tablet, Dell has now officially announced the launch date and pricing of this convertible tablet.

The Dell Inspiron Duo will go on sale in the first week of December for $549.99, and you should be able to pre-order it shortly, probably some time next week.

Dell Inspiron Duo

The Dell Inspiron Duo will come with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, and it is basically  a hybrid tablet that can be used as booth a tablet and a netbook.

The Inspiron Duo Tablet comes with a 10 inch swivelling LCD display that can be used in both netbook and tablet mode, there is also a 1.5GHz dual core Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM, plus a 250GB hard drive.

via Slippery Brick