CD And DVD Ripping For Personal Use To Be Made Legal In The UK

The UK government is making a number of changes to copyright law, one of the changes is how the ripping of CD’s and DVD’s for personal use is treated.

From July, it will no longer be illegal to make a copy of your CD or DVD in the UK for personal use, this will also apply to other types of media.


“Copyright law is being changed to allow you to make personal copies of media you have bought, for private purposes such as format shifting or backup,” the UK’s Intellectual Property Office writes.

“The changes will mean that you will be able to copy a book or film you have purchased for one device onto another without infringing copyright.”

This makes things a bit clearer with regards to making copies of DVD’s and CD’s for personal use in the UK, it is designed to make copyright laws in the UK more reasonable.

The law will also allow UK consumers to legally store copies of music and movies they have purchased in the cloud, although this is for personal use only, if these copies are then shared with anyone, this is when it becomes illegal.

Source TorrentFreak, Techmeme

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