Bender From Futurama Becomes Wearable

Thanks to serious knitting enthusiast and Flickr devotee cheewawamomma (yes, that’s her username) the irreverent robot from Futurama gets the toque treatment. It can be worn, for sure. But it can’t be bought. Though we’re sure an eventual purchase is sort of negotiable.


Commerce aside, this Bender toque is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cheewawamoomma’s other knitted pursuits. She’s quite the artist with them thread n’ needles, creating cushy headgear and various ornamentations that cover a wide spectrum of designs, from super simple stick figures (that would be the sullen duo Happiness and Cyanide) to a fur trader. How about a Native American Indian?

Those Viking helmets look nice and silly too. We’re thinking cheewawamomma is struck by divine inspiration one of these days, compelling her to make an iPad case with a kooky design. Or maybe a knitted Steve Jobs doll. That would become a collector’s item in no time.

Then again, let the artist work on and indulge whatever she wishes. It’s her art, after all.

Go check out cheewawamomma’s massive gallery of knitted masterpieces on Flickr.

Update: She has an Etsy shop!

Source Carlovely

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