Batman Tumbler Go-Kart

This will definitely appeal to all the Batman fans out there, now you can build your own mini version of Batman’s Tumbler in Go-Kart form, check out the video of it in action below.

Batman Tumbler Go-Kart

Batman Tumbler Go-Kart

I have to admit this is very cool, I bet it took some serious amount of time and effort to make, it looks amazing.

The person who built this cool Batman Tumbler Go-Kart is selling a set of plans so you can build your own, they are currently available on Ebay for $34.99.

Jalopink via The Awesomer

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  • Dan

    Somebody should really teach those kids not to accept rides from strangers in tumblers…

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  • http://youtube darell green

    how old do you need to be to drive it


    ar u selling the tumbler not the plans the go kart