Awesome Incredible Hulk, Avengers Case Mod From Quakecon

Fans of the Incredible Hulk and Avengers are sure to enjoy this case mod that was showcased at the recent QuakeCon event, in the “Bring Your Own Computer” area.

The awesome case mod scene depicts the Incredible Hulk taking control of this creators tower computer system, and includes the Avengers to link the components together.

IncredibleHulk Case Mod

The “The Incredible Hulk” case  mod was created by case mod champion Derrick Jackson and was entered into the “Bring Your Own Computer” competition sponsored by Modders Inc. and PC Perspective.

As you can see from the gallery above, the components are then finished in Incredible Hulk green and lighting for a fantastic effect . For a full gallery jump over to the Sean Hinz section of the Screw Attack website.

Source: Toms Hardware

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