Awesome Fantastical 2 Calendar App Arrives On iPad For $9.99

It has been a long time in development but fans of the awesome Fantastical 2 application which has been available for some time on Apple’s iPhone devices and Mac desktop systems. Has now finally been launched onto Apple’s larger iPad tablets for users to enjoy.

The Fantastical 2 has to be one or if not the best calendar apps available on Mac and iOS and brings with is a simply interface and ease to use functions with auto complete and more.

Fantastical 2 iPad app

The new Fantastical 2 iPad app has been specifically designed for the larger screen and now lets you toggle between the DayTicker, a half-screen week view, as well as a full-screen week view.

The new Fantastical 2 iPad app is a paid upgrade and costs $9.99 for a limited time in the US iTunes App Store, so don’t delay.

“The award-winning, best-selling calendar app has been redesigned and reimagined for your iPad with iOS 7. With the convenient Fantastical Dashboard, you’ll add, view, and interact with your events and reminders with ease.

Just enter “Lunch with Elon in Palo Alto on Friday” and Fantastical 2 will schedule it! Or type in “todo buy milk at 5pm” and a reminder will alert you at 5PM! With dictation*, you can even speak the details for your event or reminder and Fantastical 2 will take care of it.”

Fantastical 2 iPad app

Source: Tech Crunch

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