Automotive Grade Linux Released For Connected Cars

automotive grade linux

Apple has CarPlay and Google has Android Auto for their connected vehicles, and now the Linux Foundation has announced the release of Automotive Grade Linux for connected cars.

Automotive Grade Linux is the first fully open source automotive software platform, this will allow car makers to build custom software for their vehicles based on Linux.

“Openness and collaboration are key to accelerating the development of a common, standard automotive platform so the industry can more quickly achieve its vision of delivering the connected car,” said Dan Cauchy, general manager of automotive, The Linux Foundation. “This AGL release is a great step forward and the community is already looking to build on its work to address a number of additional capabilities and features in subsequent releases. With AGL at the core, the industry will be able to more rapidly innovate and evolve to meet customer needs.”

The first version of Automotive Grade Linux is available to download, you can find out mmore details about this in car software over at the Linux Foundation.

The software comes with a range of features, including a home screen app for your smartphone, Google Maps, the ability to play back music, audio controls and much more.

Source The Var Guy, Techmeme

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