Raspberry Pi Firmware Updater Makes It Easy To Re-Install Firmware

If you have already received your Raspberry Pi computer and are having fun, you might already have had to reinstall the firmware onto a blank image quite frequently. Well there is now a solution that might be able to help make the process a little easier, thanks to developer Hexxeh. Who has now made his Raspberry Pi computer firmware updater creation available on github for all to use and experiment with.

Raspberry Pi

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FreedomPop “Free” 4G WiMAX iPhone Case $99 (video)

FreedomPop have unveiled a new iPhone case which they have developed that will provide users with up to 500mb of free data transfer using 4G WiMAX connectivity. WiMAx and 4G connections are currently being marketed as being up to 15x faster than 3G.


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Smooth Photography MiniSkates Unveiled By Cinetics (video)

Some of you might remember the Kickstarter funded CineSkates we featured here on Geeky Gadgets. That were designed to provide photographers with a cost effective way of creating smooth innovative panning shots of products and environments whiteout the need for large expensive awkward dolly rigs.

Now the company behind CineSkates, Cinetics has launched a new smaller set of rollers called miniSkates designed to be used with compact cameras and smartphones.

Cinetics MiniSkates

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Call Of Duty Elite Passes 10 Million Members, With 2 Million Paying

Activision has today revealed that its online Call of Duty Elite service has signed up over 10 million members, of which 2 million are paying for the service on an annual basis. The paid service from Call of Duty Elite costs members $49 a year and provides extras and special advanced access to new maps and game DLCs.

Call Of Duty Elite

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WiFi RC Mini Equipped With Point-of-view Camera and Force Feedback Control (video)

Using a little Arduino wizardry Blair Kelly has been able to kit out a remote control mini car with force feedback control capabilities and a driving view perspective. Using a camera streaming the images over Wifi directly to your HDTV, watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

The remote control mini car can easily be configured to be controlled by a wide range of devices from a standard PS3 handset to a G27 driving wheel.

Wifi Mini

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