CornerClick Adds Extra Features To Your OS X Hot Corners

Hot Corners on OS X are great for quick viewing certain windows and performing a few important commands. But if you feel you would like a little more control over what you can perform with the Hot Corners on Mac OS X a neat little application might be able to assist.

CornerClick is a free Mac application developed by Greg Schueler, that easily let you supercharge your Hot Corners. Enabling you to pick any one of the four Hot Corners, and associate it with a file, an app or multiple apps if desired.


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Nixon Synapse Touchscreen Watch

If you prefer your watch, to be a watch rather than a fully integrated smartphone connected data device similar to the Pebble smartwatch currently generating massive funding on Kicksrater. On the last count it had already passed $8 million.  You might be interested in the unique looking Nixon Synapse touchscreen watch, which has a few functions and has been predominately designed to just tell the time.

Synapse Touchscreen Watch

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Dell Upgrading Unshipped Alienware Orders To Ivy Bridge Processors

If you have ordered a new Alienware high performance laptop over the last few weeks and are still awaiting delivery, but missed the start of the roll out of the Intel Ivy Bridge models revealed at the end of April. You might be interested to know that Dell has announced any Alienware orders that are still outstanding, will be upgraded to the new Intel Ivy Processor at no extra charge.


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eBay 2.0 iPad App Redesigned To Bring Visual Shopping To Life

eBay has this week rolled out a new redesign update to its iPad application to hale bring the visual shopping experience to life, eBay explains. The new redesign brings with it a new visual layout for products, together with a customisable home screen with ultra-high resolution item images to help make a more informed choice on how to spend your hard earned cash.

eBay 2 iPad App

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Google Documents Update Adds 450 Fonts And More

Now that Google’s cloud storage service has officially launched as Google Drive. Google is rolling out new updates to its other services to enhance and bring them closer with their new Google Drive storage solution.

One such update has been released for Google Documents this week which has brought with it a number of great new features, allowing you to get the most out of the new Google Drive. Together with an additional 450 fonts you can use within your Google Docs, as well as over 60 new document templates.

Google Documents Fonts

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Flipboard On Its Way To Android Devices In the Next Few Months

Flipboard the awesome social magazine that is currently available to iOS users, will soon be arriving on Android devices and has been previewed running on the new Samsung Galaxy S III.

Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format app, that allows you to collect social media content and other websites and presents it in magazine style format and allows you to “flip” through it.


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SwiftKey 3 Beta Receives New User Interface

A new update has been rolled out to the current SwiftKey 3 beta software, which has brought with it a number of bug fixes and tweaks, together with a new user interface design. The changes in the latest update have been thanks to the SwiftKey 3 beta testers and community who have made suggestions on how the SwiftKey could be improved.

Swiftkey 3 beta

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