Audio Pro LV1 Wireless Multiroom Audio System Launches

Audio Pro, the specialist loudspeaker company from Sweden, has this week announced the launch of a new to its Living wireless speaker range, in the form of the Audio Pro LV1.

The Audio Pro LV1 is a single stereo speaker which is equipped with wireless technology to transmit audio as a peer-to-peer system or as part of a larger Audio Pro Living home network.

Audio Pro LV1 Wireless Multiroom Audio System Launches

The Audio Pro LV1 is fitted with 4 x 35W digital Class D amplifier and 2 x 1” soft dome tweeters and 2 x 3.5” woofer, with a frequency range of 50 – 22.000Hz and crossover frequency (digital) of 2000Hz (24dB/octave L/R).

“Living LV1 is a wireless speaker system with the only cable necessary being for power. With its built-in digital amplifier, wireless receiver, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and digital filters, the LV1 delivers stereo sound from a single box using Audio Pro’s ‘Embracing Sound’ technology. A complete speaker system in one box, LV1 is ready to use in the Audio Pro unique network with full CD-quality. This means you can play FLAC or Apple Lossless files without any compression and you can add as many speakers as you like within range of the transmitter.”

The new Audio Pro LV1 speaker has sleek lines and is finished in leather providing a more luxurious feel to the touch. Its also the smallest speaker in the Living series and has a slim design form factor. measuring just 220 x 300 x 100 mm.

The Audio Pro LV1 wireless speaker is available to purchase in the UK in red, white or black leather finishes, priced at around £350,and is available with or without a TX100 transmitter.

Source: Audio Pro

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