Archos Smart Home System Now Available For £200 (video)

Archos Smart Home

Archos have today launched their new Archos Smart Home system which consists of a selection of devices all of which are connected using your home network and enable you to monitor and control your home environment.

The Archos Smart Home starter kit includes two mini cameras together with two movement tags and two weather tags allowing you to carry out a number of tasks with ease.

The Archos Smart Home is priced at £200 with additional monitors available to buy individually for £30 each. Together with additional monitors in the form of a Archos Smartplug to control appliances or lights and a Archos Motion Ball to enable you to detect movement. Archos explains a little more in their press release:

“With the ARCHOS Smart Home, connectivity has taken a big step forward as users can define actions based on specific triggers to meet their individual needs, creating as many possibilities as they can imagine. For example, a program could take a picture when someone opens the front door and then send a notification and the picture to its user’s smartphone.

At the centre of the Connected Home is the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet which controls the Connected Objects and can be tied to the ARCHOS Smart Home application on any Android and iOS device to keep users connected from anywhere.”

For more information on the new Archos Smart Home system jump over to the Archos website for details.

Source: Archos

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