Apple Selling Twice As Many iPhone 5S Handsets Compared To iPhone 5C

When Apple announced their first weekend sales of their new iPhone’s, they noted that they sold a total of 9 million iPhones, although they did not give any breakdown on which devices were selling the most between the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

A report back in September suggested that Apple were selling three times as many iPhone 5S models compared to the iPhone 5C, and now a new report has emerged which is claiming that Apple is selling twice as many iPhone 5S handsets than the iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5S

The guys over at All Things D, received a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners on the sales of both handsets, the company surveyed buyers of Apple’s iPhone during the last days of September.

According to the report, the iPhone 5S made up around 64 percent of the total iPhone sales, the iPhone 5C made up around 27 percent of total sales and the iPhone 4S around 9 percent.

This would tie in with what we have been hearing from a number of mobile carriers here in the UK, as stock of the iPhone 5S has been in short supply, where as the various carriers have plenty of stock of the iPhone 5C.

Source All Things D

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