Apple iPad To Cost £389 In The UK

Geeky Gadgets has received a tip on how much the Apple iPad will retail for when it goes on sale in the UK. The base 16GB WiFi iPad will be available for £389, the 32GB WiFi model will be available for £439 and the 64GB WiFi model will be available for £489.

Apple iPad To Cost £389 In The UK

If you compare these prices to that of the US at todays exchange rates then they are more expensive than the US models, which has been the trend in the past with the iPhone and Macbooks and other Apple hardware.

The 16GB WiFi iPad will retail for $499 in the US which works out £326 at todays exchange rate, the 32GB WiFi iPad is $599 in the US which works out £392, and the 64GB WiFi iPad is $699 in the US which works out at £457 using todays exchange rate.

Our source didn’t have any information on the WiFi and 3G iPads pricing, but one thing they did reveal is that we are more likely to get the iPad in the UK in April as opposed to March which is currently being quoted on Apple’s website.

We can’t confirm 100% that these prices are correct, but we are pretty sure from the information our source provided us with that these will be the prices when the Apple iPad goes on sale in the UK.

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  • Chris

    At that price I won’t be buying one immediately, leave it for 2 months and the price will come down, just like it did with the iPhone!

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  • Mike

    Interesting, if true that’s a pretty reasonable deal as, at current exchange rate the iPad would cost £326, but then when you add VAT on top brining it to £383.05.. just a few quid under the anticipated £389 price. When you take into account the fact it costs Apple slightly more to ship the items to the UK, distribute them, etc, they’ll probably make slightly less profit per item here than in the US.

  • marco

    It’s not much overpriced, the American prices are without VAT

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  • William D

    If true, this would be better than the estimated pricing that gave – at least for the 32GB and 64GB models –… (£388, £510 and £591)

  • guy_incognito

    it’s a bit overpriced – the largest sales tax in the US is 11.5% (some part of Illinois – and in many places it’s much lower or even non-existent), so there’s another 6% to 13% gap right there, and depending on what state you live and where you buy from it’s feasible that you can order from an out-of-state dealer and pay no sales tax whatsoever.

  • John L

    At these prices and Apple’s price drop strategy I won’t be early adopting. i’ll wait until Sept when prices drop! Cool device but there is no incentive to early adopt…

  • Nutz

    I won’t be getting one at that price – I’m going for the Archos 7 Android (possibly TWO) at Apple UK’s dumb pricing regime.

  • Keron Calame

    Really! Gotta re-post..

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  • Anon

    419 is entry level price