Apple iPad 2 Telescope Camera Lens Case

We have featured a few of these add on camera lenses for the iPhone and various other smartphone before here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is an add on telescope lens for the new iPad 2

According to the manufacturer, the iPad 2 Telescope lens will give you up to 6x zoom on your iPad 2’s camera, and it also comes with a case for the back of the iPad 2 that the telescope lens can be connected to.

Apple iPad 2 Telescope Camera LensApple iPad 2 Telescope Camera Lens

The iPad 2 Telescope lens is available for $26 from Brando.

Apple has now released its third generation iPad, have a look at our iPad 3 vs iPad 2 guide for more information on the differences between the two tablets.

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  • Gaatri

    does this fit in with apple smart cover ?

  • unknown

    no it does its not compatible