Wrap-around Concept BlackBerry Smartphone

John Anastasiadis has created an innovative design concept for BlackBerry in the form of this wrap-around concept smartphone. Many designers seem to stay away from conceptual BlackBerry devices, but at the moment BlackBerry needs all the help it can get to reinvent its brand and line of smartphones. Perhaps they might take a few pointers from this concept created by Anastasiadis.

We have featured a number of flexible screens underdevelopment here on Geeky Gadgets. So the though of a screen that wraps its way around a phone to be used on both sides, might not be to far away from reality.

John Anastasiadis explains a little more about the concept he has designed for BlackBerry:

“The front and back cameras are positioned underneath the screens. When needed the area around the camera lens becomes transparent. The wrap around screen can allow for separate workspaces and/or a more three-dimensional interaction with the device. Obvious benefits apply to business, entertainment and navigation applications.”

Wrap-around concept smartphone

Source: Yanko

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  • companyemails

    Looks cool and distinctive, but what is the benefit of such a screen concept if the device itself doesn’t unfold?

  • pickletown

    Aren’t you just gonna be unwillingly pressing things on the back…. how you supposed to hold this thing? Im all for funky concept designs but they at least have to have some practicality to them. 

  • Ramiro

    the phone is light and has the ability to differentiate between an intentional command and a hand that’s just holding the phone.