USB Desktop Aquarium Holds Fish, Pens and More

We have talked about some cool USB aquariums before like the mini version back in 2008. The USB aquarium that we are checking out today is nowhere near as small as that older one. This thing will hold a couple fish along with a bunch of other stuff in the attached bin.

The aquarium has gravel a filter, and internal LEDs that are all powered by your USB port. The water return tube looks like a faucet just to be different and a desk lamp on top is on a flexible stalk to light up the tank or whatever you may be working on.

USB Aquarium

On the right side of the tank is a cubbyhole that can hold your iPhone, scissors, pens, and anything else you can cram into it. On the front of that bin is a display with the time, date, and temperature displayed. Apparently, it will sell for about $40 per unit. I have never been particularly interested in fish on my desk, those tanks tend to stink and you have to clean them a lot.

Via ChipChick

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  • Tomas

    I’m sure the fish loves this… What kind of sick brain wasted his time creating this crap?

    But let’s be positive! If we don’t buy this then everybody involved might loose enough money to become better people or commit suicide. We all will benefit from this!

  • Jason

    Wow Tomas sounds very angry. :)

    I saw this product at a recent trade show and have to say it’s really very cool and not only provides useful information (clock and temperature) but I can imagine would be really very soothing to have at your desk.

    I did a little research and have to say I wouldn’t recommend using gold fish due to the small size but there are many other fish that should be comfortable and thrive in a small container. Rosy Barb, Danio, Guppies, White Cloud Minnow, small catfish and fresh water shrimp to name a few.

    This item is not yet available but my website will be one of the first US retailers to carry this product.

  • Sarah

    That’s really cool! I’m going to buy one!

    Oh and Tomas, let me see if I can understand your logic… it’s your opinion that this tank will not keep fish happy… which makes the company and employees involved horrible people… which means you hope they commit suicide…? And you say they have a sick brain? Call me crazy but I’d say the guy who hopes a group of people commit suicide because they were involved with creating a tank that doesn’t keep fish happy has the sick brain… and too much time on his hands. Just my opinion.

  • Danny

    I want one! This sure beats all those USB crap gadgets that are out there. And I don’t see how this is bad for the fish as long as you buy the appropriate type/size fish.

    And on a separate note, I have an idea! What about a USB bug zapper? Not as nice as the USB aquarium but still very useful. All you need is a small capacitor that discharges when Mr fly completes the circuit. Tomas, do you want to weigh in on this? I’m sure your irrational response would be very entertaining. lol