UK Cinemas Put A Ban On Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass recently went on sale in the UK, and now it looks like some UK Cinemas have decided that they don’t want their customers wearing Google Glass devices whilst watching their movies.

According to a recent report by the Independent, the UK Cinemas are worried that ‘Criminal Gags’ could use Google Glass to record the latest blockbuster movies in the UK.

Phil Clapp, chief executive of the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, said: “Customers will be requested not to wear these into cinema auditoriums, whether the film is playing or not.”

A similar thing has happened in the US, with a number of movie theaters deciding to ban Google Glass, although there is not the same sort of blanket ban, as there is in the UK, as the device is now banned from all cinemas in the UK, you can see a statement from Google below.

“We recommend any cinemas concerned about Glass to treat the device as they treat similar devices like mobile phones: simply ask wearers to turn it off before the film starts. Broadly speaking, we also think it’s best to have direct and first-hand experience with Glass before creating policies around it. The fact that Glass is worn above the eyes and the screen lights up whenever it’s activated makes it a fairly lousy device for recording things secretly.”

With Google Glass being so new in the UK, we wonder what other venues will decide to ban the device, at the moment in theaters you are not allowed to use cameras or smartphones during the show, this could also possibly become another venue in the UK where the Google Glass devices are banned.

Source The Independent

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