UberFAMILY lets parents book a car with a car seat for kids


In the US, kids have to be in car seats until they reach a certain age and weight to protect them in an accident. If you don’t own a car or if you are traveling with a child in a city, where you need to hail a car to take you, where you need to be that can be a big problem. Uber has launched a new service that eliminates the problem of having a car seat.

UberFAMILY is a new program that uber has rolled out that lets parents or people traveling with kids hail a car that will have a car seat installed. The program uses the top rated uber drivers and all have been trained and certified in car seat installation.

Uber worked with a design firm IMMI to develop its custom car seat for drivers to use that works with kids from age one and up. The only demographic of baby that won’t cover is the very young child who needs a rear facing car seat. Uber will charge an extra $10 for uberFAMILY rides and the program is only offered in NYC for now.

via TheNextWeb

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