This Yoda Robe Is An Intergalactic Crime Of Fashion

It’s a Yoda robe from the days of the Republic. It has ears and a cool emblem on the chest. What else can we mention except that only a shameless worshipper of the Jedi can wear this?

Yoda Brobe

We’re actually stumped for words to describe the ridiculous awesomeness of this merch, so here’s a good chunk of the promotional lit from the online retailer selling it:

“The force will be strong in you with this Yoda robe! Great for Star Wars fans!

This bathrobe is made from a gorgeously soft quality velour material, with Yoda ears, and insignia embroidered on the front which will ensure you will look full of the force but feel soft and warm over the winter.

Will it fit? What size should I order? no need to worry!!! The bathrobe measures approx 65cm in width.

The largest arm measurement is approx 53cm x 29cm, which means it has been carefully designed to fit men both small and Vader sized!!”

Buy this, you must.

Via 7Gadgets

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