Sony Xperia Tablet S Sales Resume

After announcing that their Xperia Tablet S sales would resume this month, Sony has just made the deadline and announced today that they are now resuming sales, just in time for the holiday season.

Sony announced a few months back that it would be pulling the Xperia Tablet S tablet from stores due to a small fault detected in the device that could cause liquids to enter the components.

Xperia Tablet S

A small gap was discovered on the back on the Xperia Tablet S tablets, between the display panel and the tablets back case panel, and Sony’s Xperia S Tablet is supposed to be splash proof.

Sony had already distributed around 100,000 Xperia S tablets in Europe, the US and Japan when the flaw was detected, and explained when pulling the tablet from stores that the problem affected only a “limited number” of units, and free inspections and a repair services where offered where the Xperia Tablet S was available. The Sony Xperia Tablet S is priced starting at around £329.

Source: Digital Spy

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