Samsung SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Camcorder

Samsung have just launched their latest Ultra Compact Camcorder the Samsung SMX-C20UN. Which features a unique 25 degree active angle lens that helps the use keep a healthy hand position while filming reducing wrist pain and fatigue.

The Samsung SMX-C20UN also allows you to edit and divide files directly on the camcorder itself without the need for a computer.

Another cool feature of this camcorder is the time lapse recording, that allows you to create those amazing videos of opening flowers etc.

Using  the new H.264 video CODEC  the SMX-C20UN creates footage with near loss-less compression allowing for more of your recordings to be squeezed into every mega byte of storage.

The Samsung SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Camcorder is available to buy for  $199.99

Via Slippery Brick Via Tech Fresh

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